“Traveling the World with Mom”

Posted By Carla Neggers

June 18, 2020

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“On Tuesday, we flew over the Great Pyramid…”

Wouldn’t that be something to do even if we didn’t have travel restrictions? A.L. Renna’s delightful children’s book Traveling the World with Mom shows us how it can happen, with a little imagination and our local library.

Growing up in small-town New England, I loved my visits to my local library. The library in my Swift River Valley series, set in small-town New England, is modeled after my hometown library, with a touch of other libraries I’ve enjoyed. Nooks and crannies, history, personality, some as small as just a couple of rooms.

From my perch in a nook in my hometown library, I visited many places through books, and Traveling the World with Mom captures how I felt as a kid eager to experience new places. The illustrations are wonderful and I’ve ordered a copy for my young grandchildren.

Here’s a bit about the author:

A.L.Renna was born and raised in the Northeast. After ten years in the nonprofit sector, she found her way back to her passion—writing about travel. Her most recent work can be seen on Medium.com in publications like The Ascent and Writers on the Run. As founder and managing editor of Travelnitch, she creates opportunities for shared learning so parents and children can explore the world together. In her free time, she loves road tripping with her husband and two girls.