THE RAPIDS Has A New Look!

Posted By Carla Neggers

January 10, 2022

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The Rapids is out today with a fresh new digital look. I love it. It’s the third book in my bestselling Cold Ridge/US Marshals series but it can be read as a standalone.

We get to meet Rob Dunnemore, the twin brother of Night’s Landing heroine Sarah Dunnemore. They have an unusual background and were raised in my husband’s beautiful home state of Tennessee.

Interesting times for Maggie Spencer, a Diplomatic Security agent, and Rob, a deputy U.S. Marshal, as they chase the dangerous fugitive who almost killed Rob. Read more and buy your copy here.

I drew on my Dutch connection for some of the book’s background. My father was a Dutch immigrant and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the huge family he left behind. The Rapids was inspired in part by a canal tour I took with my Dutch cousins in s’Hertogenbosha picturesque, historic North Brabant city, and my wandering writer’s mind.

We also tried raw herring, a treat my father loved. I definitely appreciated the traditional shot of Dutch gin afterwards!

If you haven’t read The Rapids, now’s a great time to dive in, whether you’re reading in a warm climate sitting by the pool or like me, in northern New England by the fire as temperatures plummet. High in the single digits tomorrow. You know where I’ll be.

I couldn’t resist a photo of Dutch daffodils that we took on a recent trip to the Netherlands. Our daffodils are under snow at the moment.

Enjoy, and dank u wel (thank you in Dutch).