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A beautiful day for a half-marathon!

What a gorgeous day we had to run a half-marathon! Crisp, dry, sunny, lush foliage everywhere, and flowers–I especially noticed irises. Unlike on my training runs, I did not stop to take pictures. It wasn’t an easy run for me, but I enjoyed it. I appreciated the support from onlookers. Kids giving high-fives, singers, drummers, small ensembles, locals, tourists, friends of various runners. They stretched along all 13.1 miles of the run, from Woodstock to Quechee. Hundreds of race volunteers made the day easy for us runners (if not painless, ha!).

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Just a few weeks until race day!

My next half-marathon is June 3rd and I am not ready! I get this feeling with writing sometimes, too. Weeks out from a deadline, I look at my work-in-progress and don’t see how I will be ready to turn it in. For most of us, running a half-marathon and writing a novel don’t happen in a matter of a week or two. We need time.

This is when I remind myself of the line from the Tao: “Let life ripen and fall, force is not the way at all.” Just show up every day and keep making progress. It’ll all work out.

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