My Christmas Stories

Posted By Carla Neggers

December 12, 2018

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With all the merriment and busyness of the holidays, I love to sit by the fire with a pot of tea and a fun, uplifting story set during and around Christmas. I’ve written three Christmas stories myself.

“Husband for Hire” is available digitally for the first time. It’s a novella set between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The story starts in snowy Maine when Cady Dye, dealing with a stalker, gets Cole Forrest to pretend to be her fiancé while she figures out what’s going on. Let’s say they don’t tell each other everything. I wrote this story a while back but had the pleasure of “refreshing” it for this digital edition. I even tweaked the ending.

“Christmas at Carriage Hill” brings Alexandra Rankin Hunt from England to tiny Knights Bridge to be at Olivia Frost and Dylan McCaffrey’s New England Christmas Eve wedding at the Farm at Carriage Hill. She’s more than a little surprised to discover her ex-love, Ian Mabry, a sexy RAF fighter pilot, has charmed his way into the wedding. But Ian wants more than an invitation—he’s determined to find a way back into Alexandra’s life.

A Knights Bridge Christmas is a standalone Swift River Valley. New library director Clare Morgan helps ER doctor Logan Farrell decorate his grandmother’s house on the Knights Bridge common one last time. Daisy Blanchard and Tom Farrell’s long-ago love story unfolds as Clare and Logan dig out family decorations…which include a poignant secret. I’m delighted A Knights Bridge Christmas is included as one of the books in Christmas Ever Aftera special three-book e-collection with beautiful stories by Rochelle Alers and Donna Hill.

Recipes are included in both Swift River Valley Christmas stories. Tempting anytime but especially this time of year.

Enjoy, and happy reading!