Loving winter, dreaming of spring

Posted By Carla Neggers

January 16, 2019

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We’re deep into our Vermont winter, with snow and a frigid temperatures in the forecast. I do love New England winters (except when they drag into April!), but I find myself dreaming of spring at the moment. I spent most of the day writing by the woodstove and now I’m thinking about what I want to plant this spring, and where we want to go.

Joe and I love to travel in early spring. It’s an amazing time to take long walks on Irish lanes, with lambs prancing through grassy fields and colorful wildflowers popping up everywhere. The photo with me in my orange Irish raincoat was taken on a spring walk on the Iveragh Peninsula on the southwest Irish coast. What a stunning day that was! Without giving too much away, art crimes expert Emma Sharpe walks here with her grandfather in Impostor’s Lure

I love to let my mind wander as I wander, but best of all is to be fully present, aware of the breeze, the drops of rain on a blossom, the smell of wet grass…all of which nourish this writer’s soul on a chilly winter day.