Images of Scotland

Posted By Carla Neggers

August 2, 2018

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Among the recurring characters in my Sharpe & Donovan suspense series is Oliver York, an English mythologist, martial arts expert, “gentleman” farmer and serial art thief. By the start of Thief’s Mark, now out in paperback, he’s working with MI5. As a boy, he witnessed his parents’ murder and then was whisked off to Scotland by their killers. He escaped, but so did they. Now he’s about to find out the truth about that awful night. 

Scotland is one of the most beautiful places Joe and I have visited, and we are looking forward to a return trip. It’s fun to think about as I wrap up work on Stone Bridges, next in my Swift River Valley series. This summer has been hot and humid, and while we enjoy taking the kids to the pool and to the lake, we are ready for cooler weather! Not snow yet, though.

Anyway, the photos here were all taken in Scotland. And look for Oliver in Impostor’s Lure, out on August 21. Click the link for more info and to view a cool short video about the series.

Enjoy, and happy reading!