For a perfect getaway…books!

Posted By Carla Neggers

August 23, 2019

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I love to write on getaways to hotels, inns and cottages, but reading? A must, and a special pleasure. I always have a print book with me (as well as my e-reader) on the road, but what fun it is to discover books on my various stays. Bedside Reading pairs luxury hotels with up-and-coming books. Oh, my. How perfect! Rival’s Break is a featured novel this summer, and I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled. Here it is in the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental New York.Quite a reading spot! Thank you!

When signing at Turn the Page Bookstore in picturesque Boonsboro, MD, authors are invited to sign copies of their books for the reading room at the unique, beautiful Inn Boonsboro. (Each room is individually decorated in honor of a romantic couple.) Both the store and the inn are owned by Nora Roberts and her husband, and a visit is truly special. I was last there…can it be three years ago? Loved every minute.

Last fall, our little Irish cottage featured a shelf of books, and I devoured two new-to-me Alex Barclay thrillers during a stormy few days. (So stormy that our flight home a week later was canceled due to the “knock on” effects of the severe weather!) I have a number of Irish hotels where I’ve happily curled up with a book, including a castle. Our room at Ashford Castle had a lovely view of the lake, where we went kayaking one drizzly morning.Among our favorite Irish getaways is the Cliff House in Ardmore. What a stunning spot to sit with a pad and pen or a good book. In the photo below I’m on the “cliff walk” just past the hotel. I’d been reading and writing and scooted out for a jaunt. Octogenarian art detective Wendell Sharpe and his grandson, Lucas, take this same route in a scene in Rival’s Break. Research! Rival’s Break will be out on Tuesday, August 27, and whether you read it at home, on a lunch break at work, on a plane or on a getaway, I hope you enjoy the latest adventures of FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan.

It’s been a busy summer for so many of us, and I bet I’m not alone in my urge to book a getaway and read and relax for a few days.

Happy reading!