Heron’s Cove

Sharpe & Donovan (Book 2)

When your safety depends on living a lie…

After escaping certain death, FBI deep-cover agent Colin Donovan is back home on the Maine coast with his new love, FBI art crimes expert Emma Sharpe. Then a man from Emma’s past arrives in Heron’s Cove, Dmitri Rusakov, a Russian billionaire who insists he’s there only to reclaim what’s his-a prized Russian Art Nouveau collection stolen from him four years ago. But Rusakov’s connection to the arms traffickers who just tried to kill Colin put him on alert-and Colin realizes his nightmare isn’t over. It’s just begun.

And everyone you love is a target..

Emma guards her past closely, and Colin is determined to unlock her secrets. As they investigate the mysterious collection and its wealthy owner, they must count on their expertise-and each other-to outwit an enemy who wants to destroy them and everyone they love most.

Wo can you afford to trust? 

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