Claim the Crown

Yesterday’s secrets are more dangerous than ever…

For five years, anonymity has been Ashley Wakefield’s refuge, ever since she and her twin brother, David, discovered they were the beneficiaries of a mysterious trust fund worth a fortune. Their lives forever changed, Ashley and David turned to the uncle who raised them for answers, but he couldn’t—or wouldn’t—help.

Now down-to-earth Ashley tempts fate by laying claim to fabulous jewels that await her in a Swiss vault. A photograph of her wearing the stunning gems catches the attention of hard-driving Jeremy Carruthers, who has questions of his own.

Jeremy and Ashley discover the gems have sparked vivid memories of a terrible night long ago, before she was born…a night that holds deadly secrets, and a shocking truth that threatens to shatter everything Ashley thought she knew about herself.

One Tree Press | Trade Paperback | eBook

Originally published by Worldwide Library and reissued by MIRA Books.