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Family Matters

First time in eBook! Available now

When Sage Killibrew’s grandfather contacts her with an urgent mission, the adventurer in her is intrigued. She hasn’t seen him in years. Why now? Uncertain of her own feelings about seeing him again, she agrees to meet. Instead she finds herself face-to-face—and toe-to-toe—with sexy, ungrandfatherly Jackson Kirk. It’s no surprise she’s attracted to him. After all, her great-aunt warned her it’s the fate of Killibrew women to fall for rogues. 

On an urgent mission of his own, Jackson doesn’t want to get involved with Sage, but once he sets eyes on her, he know… Read More

Trade Secrets

First time in eBook! Available now.

“It’s the fate of Killibrew women to fall for rogues.”

So pronounces Juniper Killibrew’s eccentric great-aunt. Juniper sees herself as the sensible Killibrew, the steady hand behind her family firm. Until Cal Gilliam turns up. He’s the surprise new owner of Killibrew Traders, a rogue of a man if there ever was one. And a challenge as he sets his mind on getting her to stay on…and to win her heart.

Is Juniper about to discover she’s more of a Killibrew than she’s ever thought?

Reissue | eBook | Killibrew Sisters (1)

Originally published by Harlequin Temptation

B… Read More

Christmas at Carriage Hill (audio)

Now in audio! 

When fashion designer Alexandra Rankin Hunt is asked to create the dresses for Olivia Frost’s Christmas wedding in tiny Knights Bridge, Massachusetts, she jumps at the chance. She’s certain she’ll never get to design one for herself—not with her history of falling for the wrong men. Ian Mabry, the sexy fighter pilot whose bravery reminded her of her beloved great-grandfather, was the worst yet.

To Alexandra’s surprise, Ian is also at Carriage Hill, Olivia’s picturesque country inn. And if anyone can charm his way into a wedding, it’s him. Ian wants more than an invitation—he’… Read More

Rock Point (audio)

Now in audio! 

The story of one New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers’ most beloved characters in this special prequel novella, Rock Point, part of the enthralling Sharpe & Donovan series.

Seven years after suffering an unspeakable loss, Finian Bracken is recently out of seminary and leaving Ireland to serve a small parish in the quaint but struggling fishing village of Rock Point, Maine. Here he meets FBI agent Colin Donovan for the first time¿and discovers the dangerous secrets he left back home in Ireland. Smugglers are using the Bracken family’s old whiskey … Read More