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STONE BRIDGES in two weeks!

Time’s been slipping away as I recover from my shoulder injury, and I just realized Stone Bridges will be in stores in two weeks. I’m so excited! It’s the latest standalone installment in my Swift River Valley small-town New England series. Pre-order your copy from your favorite bookseller today! Click here for handy links.

Be sure to let me know what you think when you’ve had a chance to read Adrienne and Adam’s story. I had a great time writing it, mostly here on my New England hilltop. Check back for more info. I’m running behind with everything given … Read More

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March means it’s almost spring!

As much as I love a good New England winter, I’m ready for spring after a bad fall on a popular local sledding hill. I got knocked off my feet and landed on my left shoulder. Ouch! On the mend, though (if not as fast as I’d like!). I’m definitely ready for March turning into a lamb.

It’ll be spring when Stone Bridges hits stores on March 26. I can’t wait! If you’re planning on reading it, I’d love for you to do me a favor and pre-order a copy here or with your local bookseller. Pre-orders are a big boost for any of our favorite writers.

The little fictional tow… Read More