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Q & A…

A fun Q&A I had up on my website for a while and just updated. Enjoy!

What’s the most important thing you learned as a reader?

I learned that I love to read! As a kid, I’d clean out shelves in the library and read everything I could get my hands on. Reading opened up the world to me. Nowadays, I love to sit by the fire on a chilly, rainy day at home or on the Maine or Irish coast and read one book after another.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

I’m not big on guilt but when the local berries are in (as they are now), I have been known to have strawberry shortcake for dinner. Two helpings. Okay, two-and-a-half h… Read More

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An Irish Walk

I’m at home in Vermont, working on Stone Bridges, my next Swift River Valley novel, and doing a lot of walking. I’m getting back to running after my half-marathon in early June, but walking is so good for my creative soul. Joe and I love to walk on our trips to Ireland, often revisiting beloved routes as well as trying new ones. A favorite are the trails at Derreen Garden on the southwest coast. We took this shot on a quiet walk a couple of years ago, when we caught the rhododendrons in bloom. So peaceful and beautiful…

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Strawberry Meringue Roulade

We can’t get enough local strawberries now that they’re in season here in Vermont. Love them! It’s been quiet here the past few days with writing, post-race running (sort of) and gorgeous June weather, and I admit we’ve had strawberries every day. Plain, with yogurt, with whipped cream, bundled into shortcake. Can’t go wrong!

We love strawberry roulade. We first had it in Ardmore on the south Irish coast (where part of my Sharpe & Donovan series takes place!). It’s not that much work, and with two young grandchildren with celiac, we’re thri

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COLD RIDGE on sale! First in a fun series…

For the entire month of June, Cold Ridge is on sale in eBook for just $1.99. What a great opportunity to read this first book in one of my most popular series! I interviewed a USAF pararescueman in creating Tyler North and his buddies, as well as retired USAF officer and fabulous author–and friend–Merline Lovelace. I’m so grateful for their generosity with their expertise, and especially for their service.

Here’s a bit about the story:

A murderous plan is put in motion…with stakes higher than anyone can imagine. 

Award-winning photographer Carine Winter does whateRead More

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Lady slippers, daisies, writing in June

June is a glorious month in so many places. We’ve spent many June weeks on the southwest Irish coast, and, of course, at home in New England. Both are wonderful! I’m typing on our deck overlooking the woods, with pots of herbs and dahlias, a slight breeze, blue sky…and a pesky fly I hope will move on.

I’m deep into Stone Bridges, my next Swift River Valley novel. I saw concepts for the cover last week and my agent, editor and I all loved the same one, but they others were great, too. We’re continuing with the tweaked direction started with The River House. So invitin… Read More

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After the “Race”

I like to think of Sunday’s half-marathon as a run rather than a race. I’m that way with writing, too. Recovery this week includes walking along the river instead of running. So pretty in June! Read More

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A beautiful day for a half-marathon!

What a gorgeous day we had to run a half-marathon! Crisp, dry, sunny, lush foliage everywhere, and flowers–I especially noticed irises. Unlike on my training runs, I did not stop to take pictures. It wasn’t an easy run for me, but I enjoyed it. I appreciated the support from onlookers. Kids giving high-fives, singers, drummers, small ensembles, locals, tourists, friends of various runners. They stretched along all 13.1 miles of the run, from Woodstock to Quechee. Hundreds of race volunteers made the day easy for us runners (if not painless, ha!).

As I set out, it occurred to me t… Read More